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Friday, September 7, 2012

Ben Kenobii: Welcome to Kenobii World

Ben Kenobii is as lyrically gifted as they come. A relative newcomer to the world of hip-hop, the Chapel Hill, NC native is currently working on his next project, "Only Built for Three Stripes". His debut project, "Kenobii World", was the start of his music pursuits with the inclusion of tracks such as "Flawless", "93", and "3 Dimensions". He decided to take a slightly more introspective turn with his sophomore project, "Illuminations". His current single, "Icon", reverts back to a more simplistic style, utilising the beat of Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek's "Dear Summer" as a backdrop. Trust us: you want to check this kid out.

Ben Kenobii can be found at: