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You are witnessing history in the making! We are a collective of the black sheep, redheaded stepchildren, and misfit toys of the hip-hop culture...and we are proud of it. We know we are strange, different, and that makes us insufferably awesome. If you check us out, we know you'll wanna stay awhile.
If you are an artist who gets the side-eye, you're considered weird, you blend genres, or people keep asking what the hell you're on about, and you chiefly identify with hip-hop...join us. You'll always have a home here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Steps

Starting a movement takes time, and this one is no exception. We think that a lot of performers are a little uncomfortable with us calling them out, but we also think that sometimes it's hard to pin down who's on the same page as we are. Reminding ourselves that people may not share the same practices and philosophies, much like a family, is indeed helpful.
As the weeks go on we will become larger, and we'll start featuring some of our performers here on the site. Watch this space....